Melinda Morben & Richard Birks

The spousal sponsorship process contains an extensive amount of information to process and prepare. As such, we felt very worried about missing something crucial or not interpreting the protocol or instructions correctly. It is made very clear that if you forget any parts of the application you will have a hold up in your processing time. This, the fast paced changes that take place with immigration law and requirements, and processing times, and the fact that it is near impossible to talk to anyone from CIC on the phone to get guidance creates an increased amount of stress going through the process.

We were so grateful to find Yuri. His level of knowledge with the ever changing immigration process and his instruction and direction was instrumental in guiding us through the application process with ease. The level of attention and commitment to our case was outstanding! Yuri takes all your stress away with his professionalism and his wealth of knowledge regarding immigration law, as well as his focus on ensuring the best personalized legal advice possible for your particular situation.

Having gone through the process himself, Yuri’s ability to guide you seamlessly through the process is truly unique and customized to your needs. Thank you Yuri for all of your help, wisdom and guidance, we could not have done it without you.