Jeff & Samantha! Canada-United Kingdom!


I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience with Yuri. My now wife and I met while I was on holiday in England. As our relationship developed, the time came when we decided that she would move here to Canada with her son. We started looking into how to start that process and it soon became clear that we were way over our heads. There were so many categories with such vague descriptions  that we had no idea where we fit in. We looked for legal advice with a couple other lawyers and came out of the appointments more confused and frustrated than when we went in.

Then we met Yuri. From the first time we met him we knew things were different. His calm, yet confidant attitude was so refreshing. He took our case and folder that we had prepared and asked to look through it to get a sense of who we were and how much work would need to go into it. The next time we met, he had not only gone through the file, but had come up with a few options on how we could proceed. Throughout the whole process he was calm and patient and did his best to translate the “legalese”. We always knew what was happening and were always clear on what he wanted from us.

Yuri made this process as painless as it could be for us. He was always on our side and always got back to us with answers to any questions we had.
After almost two years, (our case had some outside complications) my wife and stepson got their permanent residency! We can’t thank Yuri enough. We have recommended him highly in the past and will continue to do so in the future.