ImmiCan’s Business Pathway to Canadian Residency. Ms. Kaur A.-India-!

“Hi Yuri, Hurray! Hats off to your Immican Law Corporation for the perfect, honest, efficient, meticulous and successful handling of my case. A big big thanks to you and of course to your whole team. I can’t express the exhilarating state of my mind. I am really happy on getting the work permit in a reasonably short span of time especially when the age factor and other statistics were not in my favour.

Since long I have cherished to go to Canada . Only option available was through capital investment plan. But I could not verve round to trust the travel agents of Punjab.what with the stories of fleecing of the customers making rounds every now and then. As luck would have it, I was lucky enough to get in contact with Yuri,who seemed to have all the time in world, in patient hearing of my case and situation. He clearly told me about the fees for his services and assured to get the job done. No I do not rue my choice. When the financial crunch became my big hurdle, his patient wait, guidance, goading was greatly helpful in overcoming the same. I am so greatful to him for that.

In short I can really say an oath and vouch for Yuri’s integrity, honesty and perfect knowledge of his job. He always keeps abreast with the ever changing complicate immigration laws and process. His professional commitment and level of attention to the job is par excellence. He seems to take the load and stress off your shoulders.

I earnestly pray to GOD,the Almighty for HIS blessings and perpetual guidance for the growth of this wonderful law firm specifically its captain Mr. Yuri. I highly recommend anyone to contact Yuri whatever hard the circumstances for dealing with CIC for immigration to Canada.”