Why do international students stay in Canada?

Students from all around the globe choose to study in Canada for a variety of reasons: to earn a quality education, attend distinguished institutions, and reside in one of the world’s most stunning countries.


Over 100,000 foreign students are registered in Canadian colleges and universities each year, and many are choosing to apply for permanent residence and eventually Canadian citizenship upon finishing their degree. Here are six reasons why international students choose to remain in Canada after graduation.


Immigration options for graduates

Under the new and improved Canadian Experience Class (CEC) program, Citizen and Immigration Canada is now allowing up to 10,000 foreign workers and recent graduates to remain in Canada per year.


In addition to the CEC, options such as the Post-Graduation Work Permit, Provincial Nominee Program, and others, offer you further opportunities to find occupations in Canada to match your skills and interests.


Valuable internship programs

Studying in Canada not only provides you with a highly regarded education, but also the hands-on training to set yourself above others in your field. Many programs at Canadian institutions offer internship programs and work-ops to compliment your classroom knowledge.


For this reason, international students can apply for a Co-op Work Permit to be eligible to stay in Canada while gaining relevant work experience as an intern or co-op student.


Commitment to competitive industries

Foreign students often study in Canada with the plan to return to their home country upon graduating. However, Canada’s commitment to fostering a wide range of industries to compete in the global marketplace has many of these students thinking twice about their future.


In building strong technology, energy, aerospace, and other industries, employers are able to offer the competitive salaries and quality positions that attract skilled workers from around the world.


Less Expensive tuition and cost of living

Studying in Canada is generally less expensive than other western countries. Decreased tuition fees and more affordable living costs make Canada an obvious destination to earn an education—all the while studying in a beautiful, safe, and exciting country.


Multicultural country

After growing accustom to living in Canada while studying, it’s no wonder students decide to become permanent residents and citizens upon graduating. Canadian university cities boast global, multicultural communities with Canada’s relaxed way of life.


Canada is routinely selected as a top country to live in the world, with dynamic cities like Nanaimo, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal giving international students plenty of reasons to find their new home in Canada.


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