The Benefits of an Immigration Lawyer

Immigrating to Canada is a significant and exciting decision. Between preparing to move abroad and readying your life for a new culture, it can be daunting to figure out the best way to apply for citizenship.

Many new Canadians consult with an immigration lawyer to ease this process. Canadian Citizenship Lawyer determines which of the 60 available programs are best suited for your application and our representatives are familiar with the entire procedure.

To better your chances of success

A wide range of immigration programs are available to new Canadians, including categories for skilled workers and professionals, entrepreneurs wishing to start a business in Canada, or for those wishing to invest in one.

Permanent residents can also sponsor a family member to join them in Canada and recently graduated international students can apply to stay in the country through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Sometimes our clients fall under more than one of these categories. Canadian Citizen Lawyer will determine which program will give you the best opportunity for an accepted application.

Did you previously apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) only to have your request rejected? Our legal professionals can review your application to best prepare it for another try.

CIC criteria is always changing

While Canada welcomes over 250,000 new citizens each year, the criteria for accepting applications are constantly evolving. Your purpose for coming to Canada, from which country you originate, and whether you’re joined by family all factor into your application’s parameters.

At Canadian Citizen Lawyer, we keep up-to-date with changes to immigration laws, as well as new opportunities to welcome even more new Canadians.

For example, the Federal Skilled Worker Program beginning in May includes changes to language proficiency, education credentials, and framework to allow employers to hire applicants sooner. This new information needs to be taken into consideration when applying for this program.

To speed the process

Our lawyers are not only familiar with the application criteria, but are also knowledgeable with the process and time frames to speed your results.

Processing times can vary greatly: the CEC is currently listed at 13 months, while live-in caregivers could be subject to a 38-month wait, and time frames also depend on your home country. Consulting with a professional who knows these processing times will allow your application to be submitted as efficiently as possible.

We can help you prepare for your move and provide resources after you move

In addition to assisting with your application processes we can help prepare you and your family for life in Canada. We are happy to provide information about the labour market and tips for adjusting to Canadian culture.

We also network with employers to share resources and knowledge about hiring new Canadians, including international students with a valid work permit.

For more information or to book a consultation with Canadian Citizen Lawyer to assist with your application, contact us today.