Taking the Immigration Leap? Get Ready!

Immigrating to Canada is an exciting journey that can open doors to great opportunities. However, the application process is not without obstacles, and each year hundreds of requests are denied for a variety of reasons.

Whether you are immigrating to Canada to visit or live, to work or study, an application will be necessary. Here are the common challenges of the process and the steps to avoid them.

Complicated application

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) requires a variety of information when applying to an immigration program. Applications must be submitted correctly, and incomplete requests can lead to longer delays and a lost processing fee.

Questions may regard your previous home addresses, where you have travelled, education and work information, details about family members, and others. Requirements can also differ between programs and your country of origin. Be sure to know the criteria, processing times, and the documents required before submitting.

Keeping track of criteria changes

CIC criteria changes frequently, meaning those applying should keep track of updates before and during their application process. The CIC website is a reliable resource for new information, and representation from Canadian Citizenship Lawyer will ensure your application is submitted under current guidelines.

Long processing times

Potential new Canadians often face long waiting periods while their application is being processed. Waiting times vary between circumstances and delays can occur to further extend the processing time.

Being aware of these waiting times is important if you are immigrating to Canada for a certain date, such as the beginning of a university semester. An extended processing period can interrupt plans and result in loss of tuition fees or vacation costs.

Deciding which program to apply for

The CIC offers over 60 immigration programs and deciding exactly which category you should apply can be a challenge.

At Canada Citizenship Lawyer, we determine which program is best for you. We can also inform you of programs welcoming increased applications, like the Federal Skilled Worker Program that is accepting 5,000 requests this year.

Language barriers

Sometimes language barriers can lead to complications during the application process. If you are unsure what a question is asking for or suspect a translation is incorrect, seek assistance or ask someone close to you for help.

If your application is denied

Applications can be rejected for various reasons and determining which areas of your application need adjustment can be difficult. In some cases, an error of law may be the reason for an unsuccessful application and an appeal can be made for the CIC to reconsider your request.

Whether you are applying for the first time or filing an appeal, Canada Citizenship Lawyer can assist with your application process in an efficient manner. Please contact us for a consultation today or for additional information about our services.