Applying for Spousal Sponsorship for Canada

Spousal Sponsorship

Spousal Sponsorship is easily one of the most common ways to immigrate to Canada. However, applying for spousal sponsorship is not as simple as choosing the right IRCC form and understanding how to fill it out.

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When two people or more, in the case of children, are involved in submitting an application for permanent residency through Canada’s Spousal Sponsorship program, there are a lot more ways in which your applications can get delayed or rejected.

You may also be unsure if applying for Spousal Sponsorship from within Canada or outside is the smartest decision. Are you in Canada, but your spouse is stuck in their home country? Does your relationship even qualify for Spousal Sponsorship?

Your circumstances matter. Consulting one of the qualified and experienced immigration lawyers at ImmiCan Law Corporation is the smartest decision you can make today.

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At ImmiCan, we are committed to helping couples reunite and achieve permanent residency in the fastest, smoothest way possible. We believe that a happy and stress free transition to Canada is not only a key to a happy relationship, but it also helps to build a healthy and a progressive society.

With every case we take, we provide in-depth, personalized, and one-to-one service so that you feel no hassle or frustration throughout your immigration journey. From the very start of your process, we will be in contact guiding you through each step of the way so that you can rest assured that your case will be successful.


There are some basic requirements to be eligible for spousal sponsorship. However, while they may seem straightforward, it can be hard for someone without a detailed understanding of Canadian immigration law to make sense of the nuances of these policies. We highly recommend that you get in touch so that we can explain the laws that affect your specific situation.

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“We were so grateful to find Yuri. His level of knowledge with the ever changing immigration process and his instruction and direction was instrumental in guiding us through the application process with ease. The level of attention and commitment to our case was outstanding! Yuri takes all your stress away with his professionalism and his wealth of knowledge regarding immigration law, as well as his focus on ensuring the best personalized legal advice possible for your particular situation.”

Melinda Morben & Richard Birks

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Avoid Long Delays

Avoid Long Delays

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Follow Changing Policies

Follow Changing Policies

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Get a Second Chance

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