Sports Law as a Service

Sports and Immigration

We facilitate all legal aspects related to international movement of sports persons, teams, coaches, officials, and other personal.

Our services include

  • Service, Player, team, and employment contracts for individuals and organizations
  • Immigration: Visas & permits to permanent residency
  • Sports management
    • a. Rights and Obligations of Athletes
    • b. Waiver and other Agreements for sports organizations and recreation institutions
    • c. Personal Injury & Liability
    • d. Player Contracts & negotiations.

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“Yuri was very generous in sharing his time and expertise with the directors of our Wiltshire Education Society to help us better understand some of the complex citizenship and immigration issues facing our clients.”

Deryck Cowling, President, Wiltshire Education Society

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Avoid Long Delays

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Follow Changing Policies

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Get a Second Chance

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