Most Important immigration Tips for Education Consultants sending International Students to Canadian Educational Institutes – Five Part Series

Part 1- Before the Student gets on the plane

What exactly are the students in for?”


Great question for every student planning to study in Canada!

Obviously the first thing the student will need to do, once they have been accepted to one of Canada’s Designated Learning Institutions – whether it’s a university or specialized school recognized by the Canadian government – they will need to get your Student Visa and Study Permit. That all happens before you ever get on an airplane.

After that, their requirements will evolve as their needs in Canada change.

While in Canada students may wish to extend or change your program, extend their study permit, or maybe have family (a spouse, children, or parents) member joining them here.

The steps involved here are too much to get into through this simple post, but they are things many international students overlook and end up having to figure out on their own, while still trying to study, work, and graduate with a good GPA!

But what happens once they have graduated? Many students wish to stay here to continue their studies or to start a career and work toward their permanent residency.

These goals will require additional government applications and important decisions.

After completing their studies students may also require post graduate work permits, but there are restrictions. Ensure to tell students that programs shorter than 8 months do not qualify for a Post Graduate Work Permit? Also, 100% ensure that the student applies to a school that is a Designated Learning Institute (DLI) in the eyes of the Canadian government? The school must have been assigned a DLI number by the IRCC. Above all, refrain from giving any type of legal advise.

Do not assess or qualify the student for any permanent residency stream as each case is different and government policies can change from the time the students get their admission to the time they complete their program. For example, a student who prior to receiving Admission letter into an MBA program had enough points on the Express Entry point system to qualify for PR upon completion of the program by getting additional points had to sit and wait as the point system changed when the student was 8 months into his program. There are additional factors that are relevant such as if you have the right experience or support from an employer that you are working with – whether it’s experience from your home country or here in Canada!

Under the current policy, Spouses of International Students are also entitled for an Open Work Permit while they are studying at a designated learning institute and have a valid study permit!

Stay tuned for the next article. Best Wishes!