Fast-track Your Immigration to Alberta as a Skilled Worker

Last month the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) announced a variety of changes that will allow for even more international skilled workers to immigrate to Canada.

Among these changes are temporary application openings in a variety of occupations, from custodians and construction trades helpers to retail managers and upholsterers. Continue reading to learn which immigration stream is right for you and how Canada Citizenship Lawyer (CCL), your immigration lawyers serving Vancouver Island and region, can help.

Employer-Driven Stream

When an Albertan employer is having difficulty finding a Canadian worker to fill a position, the Employer-Driven Stream allows them to seek foreign employees. The position is for a full-time, permanent worker who may attain permanent residency in Alberta.

This stream is also an option for temporary foreign workers already employed in Alberta, whose employer would like to nominate to continue working on a full-time basis. This includes:

• Skilled Workers
• Semi-Skilled Workers
• International Graduates

NEW—Plasterers, drywallers, upholsterers, and service, retail, and foodservice supervisors/managers now qualify as skilled workers.

How CCL can help—By assisting employers to provide job offers that meet Alberta’s labour standards, demonstrate evidence that effort was made to hire a Canadian worker, and issue a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) that meets basic conditions.

Strategic Recruitment Stream

The AINP continually updates eligible occupations in this stream in order to fill labour shortages across the province. To accelerate these hires, candidates are able to apply for the program on their own without a pending job offer in place. The categories for this stream are:

• Alberta Work Experience
• Compulsory and Optional Trades
• Engineering Occupations
• Post-Graduate Workers

NEW—Temporary openings: construction and other trades helpers, light duty and specialized cleaners, janitors, caretakers, and building superintendents.

How CCL can help: this stream is constantly changing with the application, language, and certification requirements adapting to labour market needs. CCL is aware of these changes and our lawyers are educated in how to properly submit your AINP application.

Self-Employed Farmer Stream

Self-employed agriculture workers that possess both strong farm management skills and the financial resources to purchase develop a farm in Alberta can apply for provincial nomination.

How CCL can help:Applying under this stream can be a complicated process. We can help you document your farming experience and knowledge, provide proof of adequate funds, and propose a business plan that the meets the Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s standards.

Only a certified representative can assist you in immigrating to Canada. At Canada Citizenship Lawyer, our team can help you determine which stream is best to apply under for your greatest chance of being accepted.

To book a free consultation appointment, contact Canada Citizenship Lawyer today to learn how your skills and experience can fast-track your immigration to Canada.

Note: information in ImmiCan blogs is based upon current immigration policies and will only be relevant so long as the policies don’t change.