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Nanaimo & Vancouver Island:
Yuri Ahuja C/o Albert E. King Q.C. Barrister and Solicitor
155, Commercial Street, Nanaimo,
BC, V9R5G5
Tel: 1-250-824-0800
Canada/US Toll Free1-855-966-4226
Email: [email protected]
(Our Nanaimo location is shared with Albert E. King Law Corporation for client meetings and signing documents. Please call in advance to book an appointment.)

We’re Here to Help:

ImmiCan Law Corporation has the expertise and experience to help you prepare your application for the greatest chance at successful Canadian immigration.
Avoid Long Delays

Avoid Long Delays

A single mistake can cause an application to be rejected. Don’t risk waiting. 5 Keys to Eliminating Immigration Delays.

Follow Changing Policies

Follow Changing Policies

CIC policies are changing. Are you sure your information is accurate and timely? Learn about recent, important changes.

Get a Second Chance

Get a Second Chance

Was your application rejected even after being assessed as having potential to succeed? Get it right the second time.