Canada’s Federal Internship for Newcomers Program

The Government of Canada and leading private businesses have partnered to offer the Federal Internship for Newcomers (FIN) program to even more Canadians.


The FIN program provides new Canadian immigrants with temporary work placements in government, private, and public sectors across the country. The program’s goal is to develop newcomers’ work skills and ease their integration into the labour market.
Since the program’s introduction in 2010, over 130 Canadians gained valuable work experience through the internship’s training initiatives.


Who is eligible?


Applicants must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, for a maximum of ten years.


Those interested must also have undergone an employment-readiness screening by a certified immigrant-serving organization (ISO), which will assess applicants’ credentials and determine language skills.


Prospective interns must be fluent in English or French. A post-secondary degree may be necessary, depending on the field of employment.


How to apply?


To apply for a FIN program internship, contact an ISO representative for a mandatory job-readiness screening. Applicants may be referred to additional employment training, such as resume writing and interview coaching.


Upon successful screening, candidates must apply to the FIN program online and complete an internship questionnaire and personal profile.


The online application also requires a written paragraph outlining what an internship means to the candidate, which serves to demonstrate language skills and enthusiasm for an internship position.


When are applicants selected?


Applications are reviewed during designated intake periods by the Foreign Credentials Referral Office (FCRO) and private businesses.


The FCRO receives more applications than available internship positions, and only selected candidates may be contacted following their application review. Those interested are encouraged to apply for as many job fields as they are qualified for to increase eligibility.
Candidates may check their application status online at any time by logging onto their account.


Where are internships granted?


At this time, the FIN program internships are provided in the greater areas of Ottawa, Gatineau, Toronto, Vancouver, and Victoria. More locations may be added in the future.


The program offers internships in fields related to policy, administration, project management, computer science, communications and science. With its private partnership, the program now offers internships to CGI Group Inc. and CIBC, and other private businesses.


Internships are provided for 90 working days, but may be extended an additional 90 working days. Selected applicants will work closely with a mentor for industry-specific training.


A great time to get started working in Canada


Canadian baby-boomers are retiring and employers across the country are experiencing labour shortages. The Canadian government is informing these employers that internationally trained workers are ready and willing to work in Canada.


In 2011 Canada welcomed over 156,000 skilled workers and their families to the country, in effort to develop new markets and help organizations compete in the global marketplace.


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