Benefits All-Around for Hiring International Students

Last month, the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) was adapted to further encourage Canadian businesses to hire prospective employees living in Canada, before looking to recruit foreign workers.

While these changes add some restrictions to employers, they also open the door to hiring more international students who are ready and capable to work via the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWPP). Read on to learn how these changes benefit employers and international students alike, while aiding the Canadian economy.

Employers: Put your business a step ahead

Students graduating from Canadian colleges and universities today are receiving more hands-on training than ever. Many programs offer internships and co-op work as part of their curriculum, meaning international students are just as capable as a foreign worker.

These potential employees are already in Canada—many having been for years while completing their degree—and have grown accustomed to the Canadian culture, languages, and labour markets, making them ready and confident to work in Canada.

Effective now, companies looking to hire foreign workers must pay a fee for each position they wish to fill to cover Labour Market Opinion costs. Rather than paying this fee, and other recruitment and advertising costs, save your resources by hiring an international student.

International students: Make the most of your skills in Canada

Despite the effort of educational institutions in readying students for the “real world” workforce, skilled graduates are often still unable to secure a job that utilizes their training and education. For this reason, changes to the TFWP are of great benefit to international students.

Once you’ve been accepted into the PGWPP—which serves as a resource pool for employers looking to fill positions—your options for finding a job in Canada will greatly increase. Under the program, international students can stay in Canada for up to an additional three years upon graduating.

The Canadian federal government is constantly looking to strengthen its economy and values international students as an important step in doing so. Other programs like the Canadian Experience Class allow students to transition to Canada permanently after graduation.

A benefit to the Canadian economy

In an effort to enhance the national labour market, the PGWPP was instituted to attract talent to Canada and retain it. By hiring international students and encouraging them to remain in Canada with competitive salaries and fulfilling jobs, employers help foster the economy.

Industries such entertainment software, energy, aerospace, and others have been elevated to leaders in the global marketplace because of skilled international students who decided to remain in Canada.

Whether you are an international student looking for an employer to make use of your skills and education, or a business seeking a recent foreign graduate through the PGWPP, contact Canada Citizenship Lawyer today to find out how we can help you succeed.