About Yuri Ahuja, LLB, MBA

An Immigration Lawyer Who Understands Immigration First Hand

Becoming an immigration lawyer was a natural choice for Yuri. After many years of practicing law in India, he decided to come to Canada to do an MBA. This was the beginning of his path to immigration layuriheadshotw.

Just as other international students who wish to come to Canada to study do, Yuri went through the entire immigration process. He applied to an educational institute, got his permits and extensions, and eventually after falling in love with the country, went through the process of getting permanent residency to becoming a well-established lawyer.

Unlike most other immigration lawyers in British Columbia, Yuri truly understands what you are going through because he went through it himself. Not only does he have over 16 years of experience in law and degrees from leading universities in law and business, he understands the frustration of interpreting convoluted policies, calling from office to office to try to get the right information, and meeting unclear deadlines. This is why he has dedicated himself to helping others with their dreams of coming to Canada.

Helping People to Start a Life In Canada

Helping people is Yuri’s passion and immigration law is the way he does it. He puts his heart and soul into every case that comes across his desk and works tirelessly to get his clients the results they seek.

Yuri’s results speak for themselves. In the last two years alone, he has helped over 400 people get their permits, visas, and residencies to Canada and begin the lives they always wanted. Yuri can help you too. Get in touch and set up a consultation. It’s your first step toward beginning your life in Canada.

You can reach Yuri by contacting our main office line at+1 (250) 616-4832 or by email at [email protected]

About Anton Nikl, Director of Client Services

From the heart of Europe to Canada’s west coast

After finishing Law School at the University of Vienna and a successful career with the Austria Government, Anton made the decisioantonjpegn to come to British Columbia to pursue an MBA in International Business and Marketing. Very soon after his arrival in British Columbia, Anton was so captivated by the natural beauty, the friendly people, the diversity and opportunities that he made Canada his permanent home.

A couple of years ago when Anton applied for his Permanent Resident Visa, he experienced first hand the difficulties and possible ‘pitfalls’ of the immigration process, which are encountered by thousand of hopeful immigrants every year.

When Anton and Yuri met, they quickly discovered that both are driven by the same passion, to alleviate the stress and frustration of others who would like to make beautiful Canada their home.

Great Service doesn’t stop with the Visa application

Offering the best service to our clients is paramount for Anton. Whether during the application process or afterwards when it comes to actually settling in Canada, Anton will always be happy to share his personal experience and knowledge in order to help other newcomers to adjust and to feel right at home in Canada.

When Anton isn’t busy making our clients’ dreams come true, he can be found fishing Vancouver Island’s rivers, beaches and streams for delicious Salmon.

You can reach Anton by contacting our main office line at+1 (250) 616-4832 or by email at [email protected]

About Bal Bhullar, Corporate Commercial Lawyer C2K Law Corporations

ImmiCan in Association with C2K Law Corporation provides corporate commercial solutions

Bal Bhullar is a corporate/commercial lawyer who owns and operates C2K Law Corporations. Bal has over 22 years of international and domestic legal experience. He has worked in private practice in Vancouver and Bermuda as well as in-house with public and private companies.
Bal provides all services regarding:

Mergers and Acquisitions;

Contracts including Employment;

Business Purchase or Sell;

All related matters to commercial transactions.

Bal is a member of the Law Society of British Columbia and is admitted as a Barrister and Attorney in Bermuda. 

Ball can be contacted via:
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 604.719.5122

C2K Law Corporation

2027 Turnberry Lane,
Coquitlam, B.C.
Canada V3E 3N2

About Kim Nguyen, RCIC Consultant

Serving our clients is Kim’s passion

Kim brings more than five years of experience as an RCIC Consultant to our firm. During her career Kim has helped hundreds of clients with their Visa application from Work Permits to Permanent Resident applications and Kim is looking forward to helping you next.

You can reach Kim at [email protected]


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