5 Keys to Eliminating Immigration Delays

Depending on your situation, immigrating to Canada can be a long and time consuming process. Delays can arise for a variety of reasons and Canada Immigration Lawyer is knowledgeable of these common setbacks. Here are five ways we can assist you in speeding your immigration process:


Professionally submitting your application


An incorrectly or insufficiently submitted application is one of the most common reasons for delays, or even rejection, of your immigration request.


Our lawyers will either assist you in completing your application or review your already finished request for potential problem areas. Your immigration application can be reject for several reasons, even for a minor reason such as one of the several sections requiring a signature being missed.


Ensuring documents meet CIC standards

In addition to the various essential documents that must accompany your application forms, there are specific requirements to follow when submitting.


Our lawyers will ensure your photographs are printed to CIC standards, that photocopies are clear and legible, and that all documents can be verified. We’ll determine whether an examination for a medical condition or proof of a clear criminal record is necessary.


Applying under the best category

You may qualify for more than one immigration category and knowing the benefits and drawbacks of each will result in fewer delays. There are over 60 programs for new Canadians, classified as:


• Skilled workers, trade workers, and live-in caregivers
• Investors or entrepreneurs
• Recent college or university graduates
• Family members of permanent citizens
• Provincial nominees
• Refugees


Canada Citizenship Lawyer assesses which categories you qualify for and investigates which is your best opportunity of success, with the shortest waiting period. Some categories, such as the Federal Skilled Worker program, are accepting more applications based on labour trends.


Submitting to the appropriate office

It is possible to send your forms to three types of offices when applying: those which review cases from your original country, from the country you currently reside, and from a Case Processing Centre in Canada.


It matters which type of office you submit to as each are responsible for different applications. We will review your case to determine the most suitable office, as well as advise you on the waiting times of each location.


Reducing the likelihood of a selection interview

Substantial delays may occur if Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) chooses to schedule a selection interview after reviewing your case. Interviews are usually requested if an area of your application is unclear or additional supporting documents are necessary.


Canada Citizenship Lawyer will ensure your application is submitted in a clear and detailed form to reduce the chances of selection interview taking place.


Contact us today to arrange a free consultation and to learn more about how Canada Citizenship Lawyer can greatly reduce your waiting period.